The Top 5 Reasons to Join IRTA and UC!

Barry Carter UC News

Next year is IRTA’s 40th Anniversary of advocating for, educating, and protecting the international barter industry. IRTA’s lengthy and impressive achievements over the last four decades are well documented, you can review the full list by clicking HERE.

IRTA’s membership continues to grow because trade exchanges recognize these top 5 benefits of IRTA & UC:

1) The industry’s most successful inter-exchange trading platform – Universal Currency (UC) – which provides much needed global purchasing options that increases every participating exchange’s trade volume and cash revenue.

2) 24/7 advocacy to preserve, protect and enhance the industry. Including constant monitoring of the cryptocurrency space to determine the risks and opportunities crypto/blockchain offers.

3) Ongoing education via Advisory Memos and the CTB/RTB Broker Training & Certification Program.

4) Unprecedented networking opportunities including the largest annual convention in the barter industry.

5) Help with IRS non-matching TIN issues. IRTA has saved both non-IRTA members and IRTA members over 1 million dollars of civil penalties over the last decade.

Don’t wait, get involved and support the barter industry you work in, by joining IRTA now. Click HERE for the IRTA Membership Application and HERE for UC’s Application/Agreement.

For more information on IRTA and UC, contact IRTA’s President & CEO, Ron Whitney at or 757-393-2292, or IRTA’s Project Manager & International Broker, Patty Weston at or 407-951-6797.