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Articles Featuring IRTA & IRTA Trade Exchanges

In these challenging Covid-19 times, trade exchanges are creatively pivoting to provide innovative solutions for their members. This is the first installment of positive industry news that IRTA will periodically send-out to the global barter industry.

If you have positive news of your own that you'd like to share, please email the information to ron@irta.com.

Thank you and be safe! We will get through this together! Ron Whitney, IRTA CEO

March 31, 2020 — Bloomberg News Article focuses on both one-to-one barter and organized barter exchanges. Includes quotes and references from IRTA, Greenapple Barter, IMS and BizX.

Bloomberg.com: The Return of the Barter Economy, Swapping Eggs for Toilet Paper

Since the beginning of March, unattended folding tables have begun popping up at intersections and the end of people’s driveways... Read More

March 27, 2020 — IntheHammer.com - BarterPay Canada Article Includes quotes from BarterPay's CEO, John Porter

Inthehammer.com: This Could Be a Game Changer for Businesses Reeling From Covid-19

COVID-19 has forced us all into an unprecedented situation and is making us all look for ways to do things differently. This can’t be more true than for businesses... Read More

March 27, 2020 — 425 Business Magazine CEO of BizX, Bob Bagga discusses solutions to help small businesses.

435Business.com: When Cash Isn't an Option - Trade!

Ever wonder how business was conducted before today’s currency? Goods and services typically were paid for through an exchange of, well, goods and services... Read More

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